D-Corp is not a huge firm but certainly a very dynamic and advanced company who have a diverse range of financial trading products. In terms of their software range it is a case of leading by example as their core business is derived from their own successful trading of the financial markets. So effectively you are not buying trading tools from a programmer with no market knowledge, but from experienced traders who not only know the markets but have funnelled this extensive knowledge into their products.

D-Corp hosts seminars and information evenings for their more advanced trading products and also offer comprehensive support across their entire range. For this reason they don’t reach out to the masses, but adhere to strict licence numbers so that every client receives their full and ongoing attention.

D-Corp’s latest offering, the EOD Trading System, still made me a little apprehensive to take on, given my very little experience trading the Stock Market. Like many, my thoughts towards the Stock Market were influenced largely by what’s said in the press, and as a general rule it often seems fairly negative. Obviously the reality must be very different as more millionaires are made through the Stock Market than any other industry, so obviously there must be plenty of people making it work.

The staff at D-Corp assured me those feelings were natural and quite common for clients before they started with the company. To put my mind at ease they reminded me of the personal service I would receive and reiterated the fact D-Corp specifically designed the EOD System for first time traders. Needless to say, despite their best attempts I was apprehensive and to be honest a little sceptical of the impressive figures that had come across my desk.

The introductory session was easier than expected and it took no longer than half an hour to have me ready for trading. The personal service was efficient and I can see why D-Corp structures it this way because it made me feel that I wasn't alone. After a couple of weeks of paper trading (it's a term they use for pretend trading) I was more than comfortable with the process and with great results on paper I was more than a little excited about making some real trades.

I started with a small amount of money and spread it out based on what the D-Corp EOD System identified. From there you let the program do its job. It analyses hundreds and hundreds of stocks each day and determines what has the best chance of making a short term profit. It uses tools I still don't actually understand but they mostly revolve around a popular form of analysis used by industry experts called technical analysis. Bottom line - it works. I had my doubts but the D-Corp EOD System turned out to be a surprising success.

After 18 months I am happy to report that their projections were correct. I have made an excellent profit from a small initial outlay and it now generates a healthy income each month. I still don't know the ins and outs of how the technology works, but it works, and it's worked very well under some trying conditions.

To sum it up, the D-Corp EOD System is more than just a trading tool; it's a business in its own right. It does require discipline and although minimal there is a commitment of time to be made each week. Commit the time and the money though and you can secure for yourself a steady income for many years to come. From my own experience and from the results of people I have referred I can confidently say the D-Corp EOD System is a high quality product and well worth the outlay.

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